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Are You Overwhelmed with Finding a Health Plan?

Nothing is more important than your health, but it can be difficult to know what is covered by Medicare, and how to manage cost. We are committed to finding a health plan that will cover your medical services, and we will make sure your medication is covered and that the cost of the plan is affordable for you. FreeQuote is contracted with the top health care plans to make sure we find the solution that meets your specific needs

About FreeQuote

Thank you for visiting the website of FreeQuote. Our founder has been in the Medicare business for over 16 years and has helped thousands of people. There has always been a small group of sales representatives abusing the privilege of helping seniors and enrolling them in plans that are not suitable. At FreeQuote we do business using the integrity and respect that our parents and grandparents instilled in us.

You can expect to learn about your benefits and get a recommendation that is suitable for you and not our sales team. We will continue to educate you over the years using tools on our site to keep you informed of the ever-changing world of Healthcare. We can help everyone who is eligible for Medicare; this includes people who have the financial resources to pay a premium (we make sure you can afford your health plan) and people that require extra help. We look forward to helping you find a Medicare solution to meet your specific needs.

At FreeQuote we only recommend Health plans from the top Industry leaders. To provide our members with superior service, we want to know about your Physicians and medications, so that when we search for a plan, we find one with affordable pricing and the health benefits that are important to you, and most of the time people keep all their providers.

Contact us for more information about your Medicare Advantage options. Based in Dallas, Texas, we proudly serve clients throughout Texas and Kansas City Metro.